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How does this all work?

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> What if I miss a day? / Do I have to start over? / When do I start?
The purpose of the program is to get you posting consistently over a 30-day period. Just because you miss one day doesn't mean you aren't consistent. If you miss a day, keep going! You can still learn from the content we provide even if you're unable to post. If you can't post on weekends, don't let it stress you out. It's okay to work around your personal schedule.

Start whenever you'd like but keep in mind the system/emails are designed for you to begin the day after you sign up. If you need to wait, that's okay. You can also just follow along and learn if you like. However, the best thing you can do to kick-start yourself is to get started right away! Don't let thoughts of doubt creep into your mind.

> Do I have to write exactly what you suggest?
You do not have to follow our writing prompts exactly. What's important is you are publishing valuable content consistently. If you have different ideas for what to write that day, go for it!

> Can I copy/paste your post examples?
We don't condone copy and paste in this program. This is about publishing original content and learning how to write on LinkedIn. Please don't copy and paste our posts. It makes us sad 🙁

> What if I have a different question?
Just let us know! Contact us here.