FAQs | LinkedIn: 30 Days Social

What is taught?

We will teach you how to write content on LinkedIn, the in’s and out’s of posting, selling through content, how to build a personal brand, managing your time on LinkedIn and more.

Who is this system for?

This course is for anyone who wants to create high-quality content on LinkedIn. You can be a student, business person, unemployed or anything in between. We strive to suit our program to everyone’s needs and interests.

How difficult is the system?

We did our best to make it as easy as possible.

If you have previous writing experience, especially on LinkedIn, you’ll have an easier time. That being said, no matter how new you are to publishing content, you’ll learn incredible skills.

How does 30DS make money?

The core system is free. We operate under a “pay what you want” system.

Hundreds of hours went, and continue to go, into this program. We are continually developing and making it better for you and the community. While we would like our program to be accessible to all, we also need resources to continue.

Throughout the program you may see buttons or pop-ups prompting you to support us. We have bills to pay. If you’d like to support this growing community, click here.

Help! I’m not getting the daily emails?!

Please check your spam folder. It’s the most common issue. If you’re still not seeing the emails, let us know.